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The average score is 37.

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Priorities are listed in the order in which they should be improved.

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  1. Web site is not accessible via IP address.
  2. Provide XML sitemap or HTML sitemap index file.
  3. Avoid inline style tags.
  4. Fix W3C validation errors.
  5. Site is missing google plus likes.
  6. Missing stumbleupon likes.
  7. Reduce the length of meta description.
  8. The size of this page is too big.
  9. All links must have a title attribute.
  10. Increase twitter bakclinks.
  11. You should work on improving your Page Rank.
  12. You should reduce the bans that were found in robots.txt.
  13. Website is not listed in DMOZ directory.
  14. Title tag isn't the first tag after opened head tag.
  15. You should have more text and less html.
  16. Missing copyright informations.
  17. Do you use analytics for your site?
  18. Text input tags should have associated labels.
  19. Missing blog on the website.
  20. Add 301 redirect.
  21. You don't have print stylesheet.
  22. You need to add meta mobile tags.
  23. You need to add mobile favicons.
  24. You don't have redirection to mobile version of website.
  25. Site isn't optimized for mobile devices.
  26. You must improve Google Page Speed score and related issues.


  • Alexa global

    Global: 1448
    IR Local: 17 (IR)

    Alexa is a website or a toolbar for browsers that provides traffic data, global rankings and other informations for billions of sites.

    Excellent! Website is high ranked in Alexa list. It is in top 150.000.

    More about: Alexa rank

  • PageRank


    Page rank is a link analysis algorithm used by Google to access the popularity/authority of a website. The PageRank goes from 0 to 10. New websites starts at PR0.

    Web page has a decent page rank. There are still many things that could be done to improve the page rank even more.

    More about: Page rank

  • Indexed pages on google


    Indexed Google is a number that represents website's indexed pages on Google. The more pages that search engines indexed, the better.

    Excellent! Website has a great number of indexed pages on google. High number of indexed pages on google helps the web surfers to find certain website in the search results.

    More about: Indexed pages on Google

  • Indexed pages on bing


    Indexed Bing is a number that represents website's indexed pages on Bing. The more pages that search engines indexed, the better.

    Website has a very small number or no indexed pages on bing. High number of indexed pages on bing helps the web surfers to find certain website in the search results.

    More about: Indexed pages on Bing

  • Indexed pages on yahoo


    Indexed Yahoo is a number that represents website's indexed pages on Yahoo. The more pages that search engines indexed, the better.

    Excellent! Website has a great number of indexed pages on yahoo. High number of indexed pages on yahoo helps the web surfers to find certain website in the search results.

    More about: Indexed pages on Yahoo

  • Domain first registration


    Checks the date when the domain was registrated. As that date is older it is better for the reputation of the site.

    The fact that this website is registered fairly long time ago, makes it more notable and probably well-known.

    More about: Website creation date

  • Domain expiration


    Domain expiration segment gives the infrormation about the date until the domain has been registered. As further is that date of expiration that is the better reputation of the site.

    Excellent! This site is registered for a long period of time.

    More about: Website expiration date


  • Google page speed

    This value is the overall score from Google Page Speed, tool that analyzes and giving the proposals for improving the performances of your site. Fast and optimized pages lead to higher visitor engagement, retention, and conversions.
    More about: Google page speed

  • Yslow score


    This is a score based on yslow tool. YSlow analyzes web pages and why they're slow based on Yahoo!'s rules for high performance web sites. Some of a description of the resources are picked up from http://www.yslow.org

    Great! This page has fairly high score according to yslow, which means that is pretty fast.

    More about: Yahoo Yslow score

  • Yslow page size


    Checking the web page size using the Yslow add-on.

    Web page size is exaggerated. Page size has huge impact on SEO.

    More about: Page size

  • Requests number


    You should reduce the number of http requests in order to speed up page loading.

    Excellent! This page has the smallest possible number of http requests. The fewest number of http requests the faster will browser load certain page.

    More about: Requests number

  • Yslow load time


    Load time presents the speed of displaying your site in search engine. The load time is very important for ranking the site in Google search resoults.

    Good! The web page is pretty fast.

    More about: Page load time

  • Caching


    Checking if there are headers for caching.

    This website does not have headers for caching. That is good, caching should be avoided whenever is possible.

    More about: Caching

  • Inline css


    Pages that use linked external CSS style sheets, rather than embedding a lot of style in the HTML, are lighter weight. These lighter files are faster to download for users who are browsing your site, as well as for search engine spiders.

    This page has a lot of inline styles in the html code. Inline style decelerate page speed.

    More about: Inline css

  • Inline javascript


    Avoid using Javascript event triggers (when a user clicks on an element Javascript is run), it is not recommended to mix Javascript and HTML code.

    Excellent! This page has no inline javascript in the html code. Inline javascript decelerate page speed.

    More about: Inline javascript

  • Number of css files

    • count1

    The maximum number of css files in site should be three.

    Good! This website has one or two many css files bearing in mind the complexity of the site.

    More about: Css files number

  • Number of js files

    • count0

    Number of java script files should be minimized, because that's how reduces the number of HTTP requests and thus decrease the page load time.

    Excellent! This website has the right number of javascript files bearing in mind the complexity of the site.

    More about: Javascript files number

  • Gzip compression


    Checking if there is a file compression in the site structure. Compression is a simple and effective way to save bandwidth and speed up the site.

    Excellent! This website has file compression. Compression is a simple and effective way to save bandwidth and speed up your site.

    More about: Gzip compression


  • Facebook likes


    This is the number of likes directed to your site via Facebook.

    Good! Website has significant number of facebook likes.

    More about: Facebook likes

  • Facebook shares


    This is the number of visitor's sharing the link of your site as interesting or favorite via Facebook.

    Good! Website has significant number of facebook shares.

    More about: Facebook shares

  • Facebook comments


    This is the number of comments from facebook on other people shares of your site or link.

    Website has several facebook comments. More facebook comments provides more web traffic and better SER position.

    More about: Facebook comments

  • Twitter backlinks


    This is the number of backlinks to your site from Twitter.

    Website has few tweeter backlinks. More tweeter backlinks provides more web traffic and better SER position.

    More about: Twitter shares

  • Stumbleupon


    This is the number of backlinks to your site from Stumbleupon site.

    Website has no stumbleupon backlinks. More stumbleupon backlinks provides more web traffic.

    More about: Stumbleupon likes

  • Wikipedia backlinks


    This is the number of backlinks from Wikipedia to your site.

    Excellent! Website has a great number of backlinks from wikipedia.

    More about: Wikipedia backlinks

  • Google plus


    This is the number of backlinks from Google plus social network to your site.

    Website has no google plus backlinks. More google plus backlinks provides more web traffic and better SER position.

    More about: Google plus

  • Reddit score


    This is the score that your site got from reddit site submiting your link to it. The score is based on the reddit score algorithm.

    Website has very low score on reddit site. Better score for the site on reddit site could lead to much better web traffic.

    More about: Reddit score

  • Share buttons


    This value represents the number of times that visitors shared the content of your page on social networks. The greater this value is your page will have greater rank in search engines.

    A great number of visitors already shared the web page content via share buttons on this page.

    More about: Share buttons


  • Mobile optimized


    Mobile optimized option checks if the site is optimized for mobile devices.

    Website should be optimized for users who will come to site from mobile devices

    More about: Mobile optimized

  • Mobile css


    Here is checking if there are CSS styles that are added via the @ media attribute.

    Excellent! Website has separate css for mobile devices.

    More about: Mobile css

  • Meta viewport tag


    The viewport meta tag controls the logical dimensions and scaling of the smartphone browser’s window and tell it that the web page is optimized for mobile.

    Website should use viewport tag for optimizing the site for mobile phones.

    More about: Meta mobile

  • Mobile redirection


    Mobile redirection option checks if the site is optimized for mobile devices. Having a mobile version of website is a great way to make sure that visitors using a mobile device are able to properly view site on device.

    Website does not have mobile redirection. It is not recommended to display the same content of webpage for mobile and desktop users.

    More about: Mobile redirection

Seo Basics

  • WWW resolve


    Url of the site should have either www or no www version. No metter what prefix you use to access the site in browser 301 redirection should redirect you to the same page but to the chosen version of url.

    Website should use www redirection for the users who are typing www prefix in url and for those that are not using it anymore.

    More about: WWW redirect

  • IP canonicalization


    The site should be able to be accessed through its IP address using the 301 redirection.

    Website does not have access to its content via IP address. It should be provided using the 301 redirection.

    More about: IP cannonicalization

  • Robots.txt


    Robots.txt is a file that serves as a directive to search engine spiders about which web pages should be indexed and which Web pages should be ignored. It is a good practise to have a robots.txt file in a website, but the thing that is also very important is that the file should be created properly and without errors.

    Website has robots.txt file in its root but it should be formated properly. Some or all of the website files might not get indexed by search engines.

    More about: Robots.txt

  • Sitemaps


    Sitemap is an xml file that lists the URls for a site. Here is checking if sitemap xml exists in the site and is it placed in the root folder.

    Website does not have a sitemap xml file in its root. It is very important to have sitemap xml file to enable search engines to index the pages that otherwise could not be accessed.

    More about: Sitemaps

OnPage SEO

  • Title

    شبکه اجتماعی فیس نما

    This is the content of the title tag from the html code of the page that you are checking.
    More about: Title tag

  • Title after head


    The title tag should be at the very begining of the head section in the html code.

    Title tag should be placed after the head tag. Title tag is important for usability and Search Engine Optimization.

    More about: Title after head

  • Title length


    The ideal length of the title tag should be no more that 7 words or 64 characters.

    Excellent! Web page has title length with the appropriate number of characters.

    More about: Title length

  • Site name in title


    The best practise is to avoid website name in the title of the page. If there is a need for putting the site name in the title, then it should be placed at the very end of the title.

    Excellent. Web page does not have website name in the title.

    More about: Site name in title

  • Meta description

    This is the content of the meta description tag in html code. These short paragraphs are webmasters opportunity to advertise content to searchers and let them know exactly what the given page has with regard to what they’re looking for.
    More about: Meta description

  • Meta description length


    Meta description tag can be any length but search engines generally truncate snippets longer than 160 characters. For this reason it is best to keep meta descriptions around 150 characters.

    Web page has meta description with number of characters that is high above the recommended.

    More about: Meta description

  • Headings

    Headings total 0 ››
    • h1 -     0
    • h2 -     0
    • h3 -     0
    • h4 -     0
    • h5 -     0
    • h6 -     0

    Headings, or h-tags are the h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6. The heading structure of the pages is one of the very important aspects of on-page SEO. It defines which parts of your content are important, and how they’re interconnected.

    More about: Headings

  • Images

    Found 3 images on page
    3 images doesn't have alt or alt is empty ››
    • http://facenama.com/images/Bime-Saman1.gif
    • http://facenama.com/themes/best/img/home/map.gif
    • http://facenama.com/images/Ang_senfi.gif

    This is the number of images on this web page. Having a text-only site is not so interesting but having many images and no text is also bad.
    More about: Images

  • Text/HTML ratio


    Text/html ratio is a percentage of total amount of text in HTML. The bigger value of ratio it is, that is better for page rankings.

    Web page has a decent number of text/html ratio. This is good for page ranking.

    More about: Text/Html ratio

  • Flash

    1 flash.

    Flash is not good for Search Engines, because they still hardly could read it.

    Good! Web page has only one or two flash files in its content. It is recommended that pages has better usability with less flash files in it.

    More about: Flash

  • Frames

    1 frames.

    This element gives an information about containg frames on a website. Frames allows displaying more than one HTML document at the same browser window. It is recommended to avoid frames on a website so the robots could crawl through the site well.

    Good! Web page has one frame used. It is recommended that pages has better usability with less frames in it.

    More about: Frames

  • Blog


    Having a Blog on the site is a great way to improve your SEO and attract qualified visitors, because it is much more efficient to put the content of your site on your own site, rather than on someone else site.

    Website has no blog.

    More about: Blog

  • Links overoptimized


    Overoptimized links are links with duplicated anchor text. Here you can see the number of overoptimized links.

    Excellent! Website has unique anchor text for all included links.

    More about: Overoptimized


  • Keyword report

    One word keyword


    Two words keyword


    Three words keyword


    Four words keyword


    Keyword report shows how many times each keyword is represented on the site and in which elements of html code are used.
    More about: Keywords

  • Keyword cloud

    Keyword cloud is a visual depiction of keywords used on a website, keywords having higer density are depicted in a larger fonts. Ideally your main keywords should appear in larger fonts at the start of the cloud.
    More about: Keyword cloud


  • Favicon

    Website favicon

    A favicon is a small icon that is displayed in the web browser's URL bar, in bookmark lists, favourites and on certain navigation bars.

    Excellent! Website has a favicon.ico that is right placed.

    More about: Favicon

  • 404 Page


    Does your site contain an error 404 page? Having a good Error 404 page is perhaps as important as having great contents. Sometimes it may not be your fault visitors landed on error pages, but being able to communicate and direct them back to the home page is as good as a second chance to re-engage a visitor.

    Excellent! The website has a customized 404 page.

    More about: Error 404

  • Printability


    Is the page of site printable? It is also valuable to provide printing the page in a printer friendly view, by removing many of the ads and a lot of navigation.

    This page is not optimized for printing. If you think there is a need for printing this page, you should make the print version using print css, which may differ from the original page structure.

    More about: Print css

  • Input without labels


    Input tag should always go with label tag because it provides a usability improvement for mouse users.

    Input tags from this web page are not conected with label tags.

    More about: Input without labels

  • Empty labels


    Does the site contain the empty label tags? The label tag should be filled with text.

    Excellent! There are no empty labels on this web page.

    More about: Empty labels

  • Bold sparingly


    This is the percentage of using bold formating of text. Do not exaggerate with bold text.

    Excellent! Bold text emphasis in the text of the web page is used in the appropriate extent.

    More about: Bold sparingly

  • Table used for layout


    Does the html code is made up of tables? Over the last several years, developers have moved from table-based website structures to div-based structures.

    Excellent! The web page tables layout is designed div tags.

    More about: Tables layout

  • Microformats


    Microformats are technical semantic markups that can be used to better structure the data submitted to search engines.

    The website is not using advantage of microformats. Microformats are used to markup the content of certain website.

    More about: Microformats

  • Dublin core


    Dublin core is set of standard metadata elements used to describe the contents of a website.

    The website has no Dublin Core metadata terms included.

    More about: Dublin core

  • Readability level


    Readability is the ease in which text can be read and understood. Various factors to measure readability have been used, such as "speed of perception", "perceptibility at a distance", "perceptibility in peripheral vision", "visibility", "the reflex blink technique", "rate of work (e.g., speed of reading)", "eye movements", and "fatigue in reading". Some of a description of the resources are picked up from http://juicystudio.com .

    There is very high level of readability on this page.

    More about: Readability


  • Server IP & Locations

    Info about IP address of website's server and the information about where is placed that server. Your server's IP address has no impact on your SEO.
    More about: Server info

  • Spam block


    A spamblock is a text segment interjected into an e-mail address to foil a spambot (a program that a spammer uses to troll the Internet seeking e-mail addresses).

    Excellent! This website does not have spam block.

    More about: Spam block

  • Safe browsing


    Safe browsing detects does the visitors do the fishing or other malver actions to access to your site.

    Excellent!. The website is secure for browsing.

    More about: Safe browsing

  • Directory browsing

    Not allowed

    Directory browsing is the security issue when it comes to the approach to the site. The server should prevent visitors from browsing the directory of the site by accessing it directly.

    Excellent!. The server prevents visitors from browsing the directory by accessing it directly.

    More about: Directory browsing


  • Google analytics


    Analytic is a tool for tracking your site traffic and its doesn't effect your seo or serp results.

    This website has no Google analytics set up. With Google analitycs you can identify opportunities and prioritize efforts to increase the number of visitors to your site.

    More about: Google analytics

  • RSS


    RSS feed is service for reading the content on the site without visiting the site.

    Excellent! Website has RSS included.

    More about: Rss

  • W3C validity


    W3C validation service uses for fixing the detected errors in html code.

    This page has errors detected in its html code. You should try to fix them.

    More about: HTML validation

  • Details

    Errors: 14
    Warnings: 3

    You should follow detected errors and try to correct them going to the specified number of row within the message of an error in your html code.
    More about: HTML validation

  • Doctype


    It is very useful to empasize to browser what is the doctype so that browsers could read the content corectly.

    This page has specified the doctype.

    More about: Doctype

  • Deprecated html tags

    • font1

    Deprecated html tags are tags that will soon be removed from the html specification in favor of new tags.

    Excellent! This page has no deprecated tags in html code.

    More about: Deprecated html tags

  • Ad sense

    Adsense is not related in any way to SEO ranking. Google will definitely not give you a ranking bonus because of hosting Adsense ads.
    More about: Ad sense

  • Meta og tags


    Open Graph tags also have an impact on traditional search engines. The Open Graph is just another version of Google's Search Index, using Likes instead of Links as the foundation.
    More about: Og tags

  • Meta tags

    • alexaverifyidXG5p1ABDWfFSElSYtYkUjiQ15kA
    • google-site-verificationQlOt3XTPQVKIYWlfY0uWFvT6vzG5CsGKSdJpgZPUGU8

    This is the number of optional meta tags that are placed in this page. Some of them don't influence on seo anymore, that is why this option is not graded.
    More about: Meta tags

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